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Ondo APC Governorship Aspirant, Paul Akintelure, Proposes N5 Billion Annual Loan for Youths

Ondo APC Governorship Aspirant, Paul Akintelure, Proposes N5 Billion Annual Loan for Youths

By Modinat Abdulazeez

Governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state, Paul Akintelure, has unveiled a youth-focused plan, stating, \"I\'m going to involve youths in what I will call the Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme.\" Under this scheme, he aims to provide a substantial N5 billion annually as a loan to the state\'s youths, adding that \"N5 million each will be given annually to 1000 youths registered under the scheme.\" The goal is to create 12,000 jobs annually through this initiative.

He emphasized the inclusivity of the plan, stating, \"It won\'t be limited to agriculture alone but it\'s about whatever you want to do, whatever skill you prefer because we will take it to the National Youth Service Corps.\" Akintelure further explained his commitment to the youth, saying, \"We are also going to pay them money in addition to what NYSC will pay them.\"

Highlighting the economic impact, Akintelure shared his vision, stating, \"My dream is to double the GDP of Ondo in my one year of administration.\" He underscored his intent to focus on agriculture, emphasizing, \"We are going to pay attention to what is called value addition in agriculture.\"

The aspirant also shed light on the collaborative efforts with the National Youth Service Corps, noting, \"We are going to take [the Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme] to the National Youth Service Corps.\" Furthermore, he pledged to incentivize youths participating in the NYSC scheme, saying, \"At the end of the year, we will invite them to defend the project.\"

In addressing the financial aspect of the plan, Akintelure detailed, \"At the end of the day, we are going to earmark N5 million each for the N1,000 graduates, and they are going to repay in 10 years. The loan will be interest-free.\" He clarified the repayment structure, stating, \"In other words, they\'re going to refund 45,000 monthly.\"

On the broader economic landscape, Akintelure asserted, \"There is no government that can run without private sector involvement.\" To ensure civil servants benefit, he introduced the concept of the \"Pensioners\' Retirement Self Employment Scheme,\" designed for those at level 14 and above, aged 55 and above, or with 30 years in service. He explained, \"It will encourage people from level 14 and above, who are 55 years and above or 30 years in service to apply for voluntary retirement after completing training for six months.\"

In framing his governance approach, Akintelure drew a connection with President Bola Tinubu, stating, \"It will work in a way of transforming our natural resources.\" He emphasized his intent to leverage resources, particularly the state\'s vast sand deposits, saying, \"We have the best port sand in this country and that is why we need the glass industry.\" Highlighting the cooperative relationship, he added, \"We are aware that most of these mineral resources are federal government-owned, but it is my synergy, relationship with the president that will see me through.\"